The more I play Elite, the more things there are that I need to learn. Loud outs for ships was one of the things that I had the most trouble figuring out. How did modules affect other modules? What effect does the extra weight have on my jump range? WTF is power management?

So I’m going to create a page on the blog to document all the different sources I’ve found through friends and searches as a guide for new players and reference to those that have somewhat found our space legs.

This was triggered by finding I could spend hours on there just building different ships.

I’m really digging this Asp Explorer that I build but I’ve parted it WAY out of my price range. I’ve set it up as a exploration/bounty hunting monster. I might make that my immediate goal on my way to the Fer-de-Lance.

That’s it! Just a quick update to advertise the new page and to ask you if you had any resources out there that you think my help folks figure things out.

Fly safe, CMDRs.