Happy New Year all! I hope your holidays were relaxing and enjoyable.

Fancy NotAnNPC is FANCY
On my way up to the bar to ring in the New Year.

With CIG being on break since my last post we haven’t seen any changes to PTU but they’re back today so hopefully we see a patch in a day or two.

But that hasn’t stopped me!

I’ve been plugging away at the PTU regardless. There have been nights where I’ve had to walk away from it sure, but overall I’m liking what I’m seeing so much that it’s winning out most of the time.

I’ve had to delete/re-copy my PTU account several times (which is basically a total wipe) which means I’m starting over quite often. Salvage has proven to be an easy way to pad the bankroll to be able to buy equipment but it’s really hindered my ability to test Mercenary missions. Specially the ones around Crusader and the new Orison platform ones. I’ve managed to do half a dozen or so and they’re a lot of fun. Makes me miss the Siege of Orison event! The problem is to get those missions to show up, you have to complete the Security Assessment for Crusader. Something is bugged that’s causing that mission to not appear and when it does, it bugs out more often than not. But I’ve gotten to experience it at least and I think it’ll be a welcome addition to the game.

I’ve also been to the new sand cave on Daymar and it is just amazing to see in the daylight.

There’s not really anything to do there but walk around and check it out (though there are some hand mining nodes and those new pill bug things). But it’s worth it just to see it. I’m excited for the stuff this new tech is going to allow. And continuing with our theme of exploring…

I visited Whistler’s Crypt to check it out. It’s an outlaw settlement built around a crashed MSR and 600i. You can get missions that’ll take you there to deal with an entrenched bounty or you can just go. There will be pirates galore to deal with. Right now you get missions that lead you to here but I think in the future, criminal loops will actually give you missions from here? I might be misremembering that.

I’ve also spent some time at the new Security Post Kareah (SPK) and in prison!

Crusader Elite Guard armor… he didn’t need it anymore

As I’m writing this I’m realizing that above is the only screenshot I have from my time at SPK. I was there to clear a crime stat and let me tell you, the changes make that loop MUCH more thrilling. As of 3.18. the only facility that will let you hack your crime stat is SPK. And it’s populated with a bunch of guards. Kill enough of them and the Elite Guard will spawn (kind of like the Hurston Elite guard). Kill him and loot a tablet gets you access to the evidence locker and you can steal drugs from there. The computer hacking is faster now but to get to it you have to incur so many more infractions to clear. And if you’re in there when the server FPS is above 10 (which is new this patch) the AI can be lethal. I managed to do a mercenary mission on a low pop server with 30 FPS and was simply murdered. It’ll be nice to actually have to pay attention during those game loops!

CIG is back to work and they already have a stability hotfix planned for this afternoon. Still no real clue when 3.18 will get pushed to live but I’m fine with them taking their time. This is going to be an amazing update.

I’ll leave you with this Big Benny that I captured.

Fly safe and have a great start to the new year!