PTU is here!!

Or it was, at least. Here’s proof!

I got so little time with it though.

A little after I logged into work this morning 3.18 went live on the PTU. Work is pretty slow for me from now till the end of the year so I went ahead and got in between meetings to check it out.

Pro-tip if you didn’t know: You can copy your live folder in the game directory and rename to PTU. So when the launcher runs, it’ll just download the files that it needs for PTU and not the whole game again. Just delete your shader folder and you’re set! It’ll even keep your bindings and settings.

That first hour was more or less a better experience than Wave 2 PTU of 3.17. For me, at least. I was able to get out of bed, mess around and hop in the Vulture. I managed to make it to a station that sold the Quantum Drive I wanted but after that things deteriorated. I still managed to do some salvaging but inventories stopped loading, screens stopped working and I found out that claiming a ship resets it back to default. About that time CIG took the PTU down to address an issue they were seeing. I’m assuming it was all back-end stuff because there was no patch when it came back online. At the time of writing this, I noticed CIG released an update. I used the down time to go through the bug reports and contribute to anything I experienced too. The current/biggest issues for me are the inventory and claim systems. Everything else, so far, seems like polish/stability. But I haven’t had the chance to try anything other than salvage and the cargo refactor (which can be seen below a little). Hopefully I can get into it some today.

I did manage to goon around a little with yoyoMeg last night before calling it a day. she came out to CRU-L1 where I was salvaging and I hull scraped her Cutter for science.

Are you flying around the PTU? Shoot me a friend request (NotAnNPC) and we’ll find bugs together!