Luminalia has been pretty great so far. Still no free Argo Cargo but the advent calendar gifts have been great!

The paints for the 100is and the Titans are pretty slick. I ran to Astro Armada and bought a 100i just to try them out. There’s still 8 days of gifts left and I’m excited to see what they’ll be!

Deck the Hull paint for 100i
Icebreaker paint for 100i

Still no PTU

I was hoping to be letting you know how PTU was going but they haven’t started it yet. I keep seeing people say that there are some issues with the Vehicle Management menu in MobiGlass, the screen that lets you customize your ships. Or that there are issues in general happening.That’s all hearsay and second hand, though. I don’t actually know anyone in the Evocati PTU group and if I did, I doubt they’d be allowed to tell me stuff like that and let me blog about it. Regardless, it’s coming at some point which means a wipe will come not too long after that. So I’m in a mode where I’m burning resources I know I’m going to lose.

I bought a 100i to check out those Luminalia paints and an Esperia Blade. I don’t do a lot of solo fighting and almost 0 PVP (if I can help it) but between now and the wipe, I want to try and put the Blade through its paces and figure out a fighter to add to my hangar. I’ve had a Gladius before that I’ve CCU’d. I might end up getting that back at some point.

Life is better with friends

I’ve been playing solo for a while now as my regular crew’s interest in the game has ebbed. But last night I met up with yoyoMeg and palled around Hurston’s lakes. I’d never checked them out before but we went at a time of day that was just spectacular. We didn’t run missions or take bounties. Just hung out and shot the shit and enjoyed the game. I think a lot of my friends that won’t give Star Citizen a try don’t realize that this game can be like this too. You don’t have to be an ace pilot or a crack shot FPS player. You can just vibe.

That’s me arriving in the Corsair and yoyoMeg and another friend hanging out on the ground.

For being such a trash planet, the beach is pretty nice…

I’m hoping for PTU by the end of the week but honestly I have no idea. I definitely would rather them hold things and get it right instead of releasing a test build that tanks and stresses them out this close to the holidays. Statistically (based on an average of time frames from other December releases), PTU has moved into live after 9 days from Evocati start. That would put us super close to Christmas at this point. But, like I said, I absolutely want it… but I’m okay waiting. I’m not going to get spicy about it like some folx.

Hey remember at the top when I said I still haven’t gotten the free referral Argo Cargo? You can fix that by signing up to play Star Citizen and picking up one of the discounted start packs by using my referral code: STAR-7766-THGL! No? Aw, alright.

Fly Safe!