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Mission Log 59

Housekeeping first! I’ve decided to let the domain lapse. Chances are you’re getting to here from a direct link to the post on social media which I have to use because the site’s not hosted anywhere to actually take advantage of the domain. So I’m basically just paying to have a URL to redirect that never actually gets used. Also, the renewal comes at a time where I’m trying to cut back on frivolous spending…so there it is. It’s been cool to have over the last few years but it is what it is.

Now….on with the show.

I have only 2 modules left to engineer and finish the Keranos.

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Playlist 3/26/2018

Hey, guys!

I was out of town on business last week (big reason why there wasn’t a playlist last week) but I still managed to play a little bit while away and over the weekend! Here’s what I did:

  • Fortnight (iOS and PC)
  • Sea of Thieves (PC)
  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)

I wasn’t able to get into any Elite while away. The Surface Pro 4 just can’t handle it. Bu it can do a little Fortnite. It’s kind of laggy…but playable enough to entertain me sitting in the hotel. I was skeptical when I heard Epic Games was releasing it on iOS. When I got the invite and loaded it up I was surprised at how well it ran. The controls took a little getting used to but it’s playable. It probably wouldn’t be as fun/forgiving on a screen smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus.

What you been playing? Lay it on me!

Mission Log 52

I’ve hauled a lot of cargo over the last week. Which is funny because I wasn’t planning on continuing to solo wing delivery missions but it just kept working out that way. With the Progenitor‘s ample cargo, it helps to make short work of a bunch of them. 2-3k ton missions can be done in 4-6 trips and have been paying out around 4-6 million each. It’s a little monotonous, but it’s easy work and has little risk. Saturday night, Valthonis joined me on the tail end of one and we found out that the payout isn’t actually split between the commanders. Each gets a full share of whatever reward they select.

Tried to do the same with Gamercow last night but we ran afoul a disconnect glitch and then I had to bail. Stuck him with a 900k fine that I didn’t think he’d get. Feel a little bad about that.

Here he is coming back home after a long journey out.

Progress on upgrading Progenitor is slow going. It’s just going to take a LOT of money. I retooled my Short Term Goals page to reflect a little better about what all it’s going to take. I also have a coriolis build saved that details how I want it to look when done. 700+ million total. Next purchase is the Power Plant. I was going to go ahead and do thrusters first, but the power plant is the most expensive upgrade next to the hull armor. And since I was ready to do thrusters, I’m already half way there.

I picked up a planetary scan job just for a break in the monotony of delivering goods. Landing a corvette is a little butt clenching. But the SRV never gets stuck….so that’s awesome.

I also learned about Elite’s high res screenshot feature. It takes a 90+ MB bmp file of whatever is on the screen at the time. It’s nuts. I’ve started an imgur gallery to host those cause my space on the free wordpress account would fill up fast if I kept them here. <- Gallery

Playlist 2/5/2018 and mini update

Totally spaced on getting the playlist up yesterday!

The last week has been pretty light since I’ve gotten the printer up and running. Most of all my free time has been learning everything I can about 3D printing. But I did manage to squeeze in a little gaming. Here’s what I played:

  • Elite Dangerous (PC)
  • Overwatch (PC)
  • Golf Clash (iOS)
  • Star Trek Adventures (Table Top RPG)

I’m not sure what the rest of the week looks like for me yet. I’ve been looking at learning Blender and started poking around in there last night. The past weekend we moved a bunch of furniture around and I redid my battle station. It’s alot bigger.


That basically a dining room table that we now have that can’t fit anywhere in the house. When we eventually move and get a bigger place that can house a table (which will be amazing for running D&D on) I’ll need to figure something else out. But until then, I’ll be gaming with some class.

The printer table is directly behind me. So it’s easy to just spin and roll when I need to mess with it.

I’ve finally emailed Twitch to ask to be removed from the affiliate program. I’m looking forward to streaming again. Maybe even streaming some printing in creative. My thing is, I want to be affiliated. I like that badge, I like having an emote…if there was a way to turn off monetization, it’d be awesome.

What are you guys playing? Also, tell me about your hobbies!

Mission Log 45.5

I didn’t get any flying time yesterday but I was at least able to go pull the text files that EDMC creates for ship configurations and get Inara updated with how all my ships are configured.

Nothing Ventured

Nothing Gained

Untold Fortune

The Star Blaster

When I’m able to get back in the chair, I’m going to make my way back home and start grinding Federal Ranks again. I’m 70% of the way from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander and I’m going to push to have that done by the end of the weekend. After that, only 2 more ranks to go. I want to redouble efforts to get to the Corvette. So any solo time (not flying with The Avenging Hammers) will be spent doing missions. Probably a bunch of passenger transport missions since you can usually find several that have large rep increases. I’m feeling pretty good about money, still being north of 300 million, but unnecessary spending stops now too.

Most of this weekend’s work will be in The Star Blaster. I’ve thought about refitting Untold Fortune for passengers just so I could stack as many missions as possible, but the longer jump range in the Dolphin will probably be of more benefit? I’m not really sold on that. I may just use the Python to see how it does. The length of the jump range means I can do things faster, but a lot of that is negated every time I have to spend the 3-5 minutes it takes to get back to Olivas.

Thanks for hanging out with me this week! We’ll see you back here Monday for this week’s playlist!

What you doing for the weekend?

Mission Log 42

I got EDMC set up yesterday and hooked it up to Basically what this does is it uses your Frontier credentials to pull data off of Frontier’s servers and port it over to your Inara profile to help you track and share stats. Here’s some specific examples:

Credits: This updated the first time I logged in and EDMC polled my info. I’m thinking this only runs at login as my credit balance did change throughout the course of the session but Inara only shows one entry. To help simplify things, I removed any manually entered values up to that point.

Mission Log: I really like this one. That’s a list of each mission I completed last night before joining up with Hammer Wing for some bounty hunting.

Flight Log: This shows you everywhere I went  in last night’s session. You can see I ended up in NGALIBA. That’s where we took our new players to get some coin to upgrade FSDs to make the gap between the staring system and Olivas.

So this is going to make it super easy to remember everything I did in a session! And it’ll be cool to track credit progress.

I have a lot of money.


Hammer Wing got into a RES last night and tore it up. Valthonis, Morluindil, Linefreeze (not in the screenshot yet), and myself teamed up to do some bounty hunting and raise some upgrade funds for Morluindil and Linefreeze who are new to the game. I had to end the session before we were able to really get into it but not before some shenanigans happened.

Morluindil and I were the first to the RES and started taking fools down. I was in Nothing Gained and Morluindil was in the starting Sidewinder. So I took lead instructing him to just tag them after I opened up and fall back while I finished them off. Sidewinder is squishy for a new pilot! I didn’t want to risk it. We got through a couple of wanted ships when I targeted an Imperial Courier. Morluindil reported that he was in position so I started my scan. In the middle of the scan, the Courier turned purple. Meaning he was engaged with a wing mate. I immediately opened up for fear of him turning on the greenhorn and managed to catch a wanted status because the scan wasn’t up. That seems to have turned the local security force on him and Valthonis, who had just gotten to the extraction site. I bugged out as soon as the Courier was down not thinking my status would affect my wing mates. But as I jumping, they started reporting that they were taking fire from the cops. So that sucks. Neither made it out. So the new pilots learned 2 lessons that night:

  • Wait for the lead to call weapons free before engaging
  • Dock at a station before going hunting
    • Morlundil and Valthonis had to travel back to the system from their respawn 2 jumps away.

That was the point I had to log off for the night. But the other three where soon joined by Gamercow and I hear they cleaned up. Nice work, nuggets!

Got any tips for new players? Leave them in the comments.

Mission Log 29

It’s been a piece of time since my last Mission Log. I took a good sized break from Elite. Looking at my screenshot time stamps, there’s a gap from September till mid December.

But I’ve been back at it for a couple of weeks and some things have been rekindled. So we’ll see if I can’t get my lazy ass updating again.

For one, I’m now in a Fer-De-Lance and I’m absolutely in love.

When I sat down tonight and went through the steps to buy it and start upgrading, I felt like kicking myself. I had the money to do this for a while. Because after loading her up, I’ve still got 19 million in the bank. Ah, well. We’re here now!

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Journey Milestone Accomplished

Before we get into where I am in the game I want to take a astrosecond to answer the most commonly asked question I get about no Man’s Sky: “Should I buy it?”

I’ve never really felt comfortable recommending games. Chiefly because if they spend their money on it and don’t like it, I’d feel responsible. I supposed that’s part of the reason I’ve never really done “reviews” of a game on here, rather than just talk about my experience.

I think Sean Murray summed up his own game perfectly.

“It’s a niche game and it’s a very very chill game.”

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Mission Log 27

It’s been mostly hunting and cashing in bounties. But even though I’m staying in the same system and only venturing out when I have to cash in for Alliance bounties, it doesn’t mean I’m stuck in monotony. I mean look at this view every time I pull into an RES.


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Mission Log 24

Greetings, Starfighter!

The last couple of weeks have been pretty slow progress for me as far as getting the Asp upgraded to be the Apex Predator it can be. Between work and being sick, I haven’t gotten a lot of time in the black. But last night afforded me the opportunity to make some cash. I’m just north of 5.6 million again and looking to upgrade my either thrusters or shields first.

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