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Citizen Log #6

Happy New Year all! I hope your holidays were relaxing and enjoyable.

Fancy NotAnNPC is FANCY
On my way up to the bar to ring in the New Year.

With CIG being on break since my last post we haven’t seen any changes to PTU but they’re back today so hopefully we see a patch in a day or two.

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Citizen Log #5

It’s the day after Christmas, PTU is humming along, and Luminalia’s 12 days of gifts are done, They were pretty amazing.

If you missed it, go get them! If you don’t have an account, use this link to get a referral bonus (I’ve already got my referral bonus Argo Cargo so no pressure)! You have till January 10th to grab them all. They’ll sit in your hangar forever and if you hop in one day for a free fly or get nuts and buy a starter package, they’ll be there wand waiting in your inventory.

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Citizen Log #3

Luminalia has been pretty great so far. Still no free Argo Cargo but the advent calendar gifts have been great!

The paints for the 100is and the Titans are pretty slick. I ran to Astro Armada and bought a 100i just to try them out. There’s still 8 days of gifts left and I’m excited to see what they’ll be!

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Star Citizen has entered the chat

I bounced of Elite Dangerous hard, guys. I’m not sure if it was one specific thing that did it. It feels like the community changed to where even the core members of it were just tired of things and never not bitching about it. I still love the game and I’m sure I’ll return to it one day, but there’s just no drive to do so.

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