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Mission Log 59

Housekeeping first! I’ve decided to let the domain lapse. Chances are you’re getting to here from a direct link to the post on social media which I have to use because the site’s not hosted anywhere to actually take advantage of the domain. So I’m basically just paying to have a URL to redirect that never actually gets used. Also, the renewal comes at a time where I’m trying to cut back on frivolous spending…so there it is. It’s been cool to have over the last few years but it is what it is.

Now….on with the show.

I have only 2 modules left to engineer and finish the Keranos.

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Engineering Log 1


This is the first entry for the game Space Engineers. Now here’s the thing, I’ve played SE for a good while now. Since before I got my current PC. Back when it first came out my laptop could handle it more or less. As the devs added more and more stuff, though…

So when I got my PC the first thing I did was load up SE and lost myself in space survival. SE is a lot like Minecraft in that you craft things you need to survive. You start in a ship that has a bunch of stuff but not enough to sustain you indefinitely. Oxygen is finite and requires ice to be created. So you mine things to create components that you use to make larger things. Like you need iron to create steel plates and you need steal plate to create armor. Motors, silicon wafers, constructions components and other stuff are all needed for recipes to create things like thrusters, oxygen generators, reactors, weapons, the list goes on and on.

You can do some complicated stuff with all the options. There a blocks that can be programmed, blocks that run on timers, blocks that can move stuff around in a series of conveyors…this game gets pretty deep.

I haven’t gotten that deep in the latest release.

I’m just trying to not die.

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