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No Man’s Log 1

I’ve started playing No Man’s Sky again and it’s feeling pretty good. This has been on my back burner for a long while now but when I noticed some friends playing it, I thought, hey. I’ll jump in too.

I played this a lot at launch on PS4 and walked away, but not because I didn’t like the game. I just drifted to something else. I think I burned myself out on it too quick. But that was way back before they started releasing the content that started turning the game into what they actually wanted to have at launch.

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No Man’s Patch

I’ve been loving No Man’s Sky over the past week. It’s like it was built for me.

If you look at the subreddit or other various community places, though, you get a very different reaction. It seems a love or hate thing. Some people feel lied to about what kind of game they were getting. I think that’s kind of silly. Unless you didn’t pay attention to anything the developers showed or spoke about, I don’t understand where some of those preconceived notions came from.

In any regard, I don’t feel lied to. I think it’s an amazing game that’s well worth the $60. I’ve already gotten more play time out of this game that some others with the same price point. Everything from here out is just gravy. Sweet, sweet gravy. And biscuits.

That said, of course there’s some stuff I’d like to see fixed/tweaked. Apparently there’s already a patch in test for frame rate drops. PC users can already try it out through Steam.

I’m not sure what all will be in that new build, but here are some things I’d like to see fixed or done differently.


  • Launching sends you into space
    • 0 to 60 in .5 seconds
  • Bigger hit box or fix hit box on plants
    • There have been a bunch of times where I’ve had to back away and reorient myself so the icon to mine something like Zinc appears
  • Frame rate drops
    • Obvi
  • PS4 application crash frequency
    • This doesn’t happen a ton but it’s more than most any other game on the PS4 I’ve played. I can’t recreate it but it seems like it’s more apt to happen when warping to a new system
  • Online Services Not Available
    • not 100% sure if I’m missing something by this rarely being connected…but it’s red and I don’t like that.

I haven’t run into a bunch of legit bugs.


  • Translate and rotate on all axes in ship
    • I want a response more like Elite for the ship. I want to be able to precision land and hover around something
  • Mine pillars from the ship
    • Big ole blob of Heridium sticking out of the ground that I can shoot from the ship.
  • More variety in blueprints
    • This would basically be new content…I’ve think I’ve already unlocked all the potential upgrades and components available.
  • Automatic recharge
    • I’d love to see the boltcaster (and anything that requires power) go ahead and recharge itself when it runs out. Especially when I have 4 sentinels on me.
  • Sentinels don’t attack when you’re in interactions
    • So if I’m considering swapping ships with a crashed on I’ve found or I’m pondering the correct answer at a monolith, don’t hassle me bro. Messing around in my inventory? Sure. Come at me.
  • Dismiss way-points
    • After a couple of hours on a planet you accumulate a good number of way-points. Only way to get rid of them is to visit. I’d like to be able to deactivate some and then switch them back on when I’m ready to do new stuff. This is especially beneficial if you decide to hit up a new planet.
  • Large cargo ships need to be a little more forgiving
    • I’m all about increasing my standing and taking out pirates. But if I’m coming up on one that’s between me and the cargo ship, just one bolt gone awry makes me a pirate.

What are some things you’d like to see change?

Journey Milestone Accomplished

Before we get into where I am in the game I want to take a astrosecond to answer the most commonly asked question I get about no Man’s Sky: “Should I buy it?”

I’ve never really felt comfortable recommending games. Chiefly because if they spend their money on it and don’t like it, I’d feel responsible. I supposed that’s part of the reason I’ve never really done “reviews” of a game on here, rather than just talk about my experience.

I think Sean Murray summed up his own game perfectly.

“It’s a niche game and it’s a very very chill game.”

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No Man’s Blog

Quick little update whist I get ready to stream some more!

It’s hitting all the right notes for me, guys. There have been a lot of back and forth on love it or hate it online. But at this point I’m in love. I think it’s well worth the price of admission because I anticipate many hours of fun out of this.


I streamed the first 2 sessions on twitch. I’m exporting them to youtube so I don’t lose them. Planning on streaming some more today!


Above is my current ship. I had forgotten that I got a code for the pre-order and swapped out my starting ship for this one. They’re really only different in look. But I like the look of it.

All in all I’m really pleased with the game. I’ll try and write up a more detailed overlook this weekend when maybe I’m not flying through space.

Check out if you’ve got time to stop by! Say hey and I’ll name something after you!

Fly safe guys!