Mission Log 79

I found my Opinion Polls!

This game was gorgeous before… but now… yeesh.

Update 6 has released between now and the last post. It came with a bunch of stuff but this lighting, man. The suit and weapons grind continues but it’s not my sole focus anymore. Which is good because it probably would have lead to some burn out.

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Mission Log 78

I feel like I’ve just been grinding and grinding at Odyssey with very little progress.

But at least it’s gorgeous!
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Mission Log 77

Man I haven’t even posted a playlist since February.

How lazy can you get?!? Right? Guys?

So I guess there have been some updates to Elite since February….

I’m not going to rag on Odyssey in the way others have, except to say Odyssey is one of those words I just cannot spell right the first time. So, for Frontier to give it this name… this name for this massive update to the game I love, is an affront to decency and a bane of my existence.

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Playlist 2/15/2021

Here’s what I played last week:

  • Satisfactory
  • GTA Online

Something about the update 4 teasers gave me a factory itch so I started up a new run in Satisfactory. I also started in the desert. Something I haven’t done before. It’s going pretty good, I think. Power is pretty solid and I’ve started bringing in more resources from my immediate area and I’ve explored a little. I’m at the point where I need to plan out production to scale, I think, and start making the space elevator parts to open up the next tiers.

These ladders are everything.

I also started playing GTA Online again and this time I’ve managed to get a few other people interested and are coming along/trying it out. I’ve played it so long by myself it’s almost weird to have someone else there watching my back. I’m also finding it hard to suggest what to do for new players. There’s just so much stuff in there.

What are you playing?!

Playlist 02/01/2021

Here’s what I played last week!

  • Satisfactory
  • Elite Dangerous
  • Uboat

Uboat was half off and I’ve seen some Let’s Plays. It’s taken me a while to figure out but I’m starting to be able to actually finish missions without doing something stupid.

I’ve also gotten back into Satisfactory after watching a teaser for Update 4. It gave me the itch. So I’ve started a new save in the desert.

What are you playing?!

Playlist 1/25/21

Here’s what I played last week!

  • Elite Dangerous
  • Farming Simulator 19

A little light on variety this week but quality over quantity, ammiright?

I’ve shifted more into Elite over the last week but I’ve also moved FS19 onto my server. I was using the single player campaign to learn more about how some of the machines work and what’s needed to maintain a farm. I set up the server to play on the same farm as my wife but she’s really into Yakuza right now so it’s just me. And that’s okay. It’ll be there if she ever wants to play and that was the point. Yakuza looks fun! I’m going to have to give it a try at some point.

Playlist 1/18/2021

Here’s what I played last week!

  • Farming Simulator 19
  • Gauntlet
  • Planet Coaster
  • Elite Dangerous

Hey Gauntlet with friends is fun. We managed to not rage quit in 3 levels so that’s something!

I fired up Planet Coaster for a little bit to take a look at a couple of packs I got off Humble last week. The Back to the Future and Knight Rider cars look pretty cool! I threw them out at the entrance to Hammer Park… which I haven’t worked on in a long ass time. I need to play the game proper again.

What are you playing?

Mission Log 76

The last mission log was in October of 2020. It’s been a while. And while I’ve been on an Elite hiatus for a few weeks now, I still have some things to share!

pew pew
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Playlist 1/11/2021

Heyo! Here’s what I played last week!

  • Teardown
  • Gears 5
  • Farming Simulator 19
  • Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Teardown is a stupid fun, simple game that can have some creative and beautifully destructive moments…

Here’s a behind the scenes moment, I make the playlist throughout the week and just schedule the post for whatever the next Monday is. I’ll absolutely forget what I did last week. I forgot what I did this morning… So I had a whole couple of paragraphs written out for Teardown but I’m starting a new thing instead.

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QuickRead: Teardown

I know… this isn’t space related… but this site is screaming for quick content. Scream is a harsh word… loudly whispering?

Here’s a quick look at Teardown!

You can thank TikTok for helping me find this game…

When a friend joined me on Discord and started watching me play Teardown the first question was “Is this Minecraft?” It makes sense… there’s blocks… It IS a voxel kind of game but there’s no building. There’s a fun physics kind of deal where everything can be destroyed (somethings more easily than others) and you’re basically a criminal.

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